Following a major refurbishment we were assigned to assist in making sure the hotel was running with the optimum business mix & that it was out performing the market. Key task for this assignment was to guarantee extended Meeting & Events facilities were promoted accordingly so the property could grow the MICE, (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing & Exhibition), segment which is the main driver for the area.

We took an in depth look in all revenue streams, including Rooms, Meetings and Events & Food and Beverage, and were able to formulate a comprehensive business action plan with the right strategies to reach the post refurbishment business goals.

Despite being an ongoing project the property has already benefited from a 6% RevPAR growth while F&B revenues have seen an increase of 4% and Revenue per Square metre for Meetings has grown by 5%. After an intense training for the Meetings Sales team, enquiry conversion has witnessed double digit increases. These outcomes are the results of improved efficiencies we were able to identify during our performance analysis and an ongoing effort of promoting the state of the art Meeting facilities.

Pre-opening Services

Our client is a mid size four star deluxe hotel in a major European destination city. Our services included both managing the commercial aspect of the pre opening activities as well as recruitment.

Our experience in managing all aspects of the hospitality industry and the breadth of information we have access to gives us a unique insight in understanding and handling market performance globally. This enabled us to accurately review the dynamics of the local and extended market & position the property accordingly.

We assisted with Budget creation for the next 5 years along with the business plans to support those, while we worked closely with the franchisor to ensure standards were adhered to, alongside overseeing the implementation of systems.

Whereas our business related tasks ensured operational consistency and performance our resources management skills made sure we involved people with the right skills that will contribute in steering towards the right direction from day one.

Short Term Cover

Following an acquisition and re-branding our client approached us to offer immediate cover & support for all commercial functions with final aim to rebuilt the whole department.

We commenced our project by ensuring day to day operations were running smoothly and that targets were kept in sight for this busy city centre hotel. Shifting to an Independent from an international branded hotel, puts a heavy strain on both operational & commercial activities and therefore was imperative to also maintain high team moral levels to ensure continuity of service. While working on long term plans it was also imperative to maintain high visibility on all al distribution channels and especially on Global Distribution Systems, where the hotel has always had a very strong ranking. The appropriate campaigns were immediately put in place to uphold market share.

On long term planning level, the Hotel positioning had to be re-evaluated, business plans redrawn while from technical aspect a market segment realignment was necessary as well as the introduction of a revenue management system. Finally we were able to deliver a team that was trained to highest standards to execute the strategies and deliver the desired results.

Specialist Support

Our Bespoke Auditing services are a result of our experience in managing all different aspects of the hospitality industry. They incorporate enhanced analysis techniques to measure performance, highlight areas that need attention and furthermore areas of opportunity. This process ensures all revenue streams are maximised and no money is left on the table.

We have recently evaluated and audited the commercial functions of our client who operates a five star resort hotel with extended Meeting facilities.

Beyond offering a strategic review & recommendations for improving workflow and Total Revenue Per Available Room (TrevPAR) we also had the opportunity to apply our Bespoke Analytics Suite, which provides a comprehensive insight into the hotel business through modules such as: in-depth Forecasting and Budgeting, Pick up reports, Displacement analysis for both Groups and Meetings & events, and pace module to mention a few.

Especially our robust Forecasting module is a vital tool for any business due to its unique capability to provide a detailed overview on how each market segment is performing, detail that can be tracked down to day level. This improves the efficiency of the team in spotting trends, highlighting deviations from targets and enables a rapid & informative response. Emphasis is given in increasing pro-activeness rather than re-activeness.

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